March 2016 - Red Gully North-1 Completion and Testing plans on schedule to begin in late March

Oil and gas producer Empire Oil and Gas (ASX: EGO) announced to the ASX on 4 March 2016 that completion and testing plans for Empire’s recent gas discovery at its 100% owned Red Gully North-1 exploration well (RGN-1) in EP 389 are progressing to plan with all service contracts in place, government approvals submitted and long lead equipment received. After a competitive market process, a contract has been awarded to Enerdrill Pty Ltd which secures the use of Enerdrill’s Completion Rig-1 and will cover well completion activities at RGN-1.

Empire CEO Ken Aitken said “Empire is pleased to extend our relationship with Enerdrill for completion rig services after their good performance on the drilling of Red Gully North-1 last year.”

December 2015 - Board Changes

Enerdrill Pty Limited wishes to announce the appointments of Mr Scott Bailey and Mr William (Bill) Rippey as Directors.

Mr Dermot O’Keeffe retired in December 2015 as a Director and the Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Dermot for his assistance with the Company since its inception and wish him well for the future.

July 2015 - Three well Perth Basin drilling program for AWE and Origin successfully completed

Irwin-1 well spudded 25 March 2015. The Irwin-1 well was drilled to total depth of 4,049m.
Waitsia-1 well spudded 14 May 2015. The Waitsia-1 well was drilled to total depth of 3,507m.
Waitsia-2 well spudded 28 June 2015. The Waitsia-2 well was drilled to total depth of 3,530m.
All wells were drilled by Enerdrill Rig 3 a head of schedule and within budget.

Enerdrill Newsletter April 2015

The Photo Edition including a photo of Rig 3’s new 500psi Blow Out Preventer.

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March 2015 – Empire awards Enerdrill Contract

Empire Oil & Gas (EGO:ASX) has awarded Enerdrill with a 5 well contract in the Perth Basin. The first well Red Gully North, to be drilled with Enerdrill Rig 3, is planned for the December 2015 quarter. The contract also gives Empire and option to drill up to a further 4 wells in 2016.

Enerdrill Newsletter January 2015

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2015! Although the oil price has fallen quite dramatically, the price of gas has remained relatively stable, even risen a little. This is fortunate for Enerdrill’s Rig 3 crews as it is currently operating in the gas rich Perth Basin.

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January 2015 – Warro Joint Venture awards Enerdrill two well contract

Transerv Energy (TSV:ASX) and Alcoa of Australia, the Warro Joint Venture, has signed a 2 well contract for Enerdrill Rig 3. Enerdrill Rig 3 will be mobilised to drill Warro-5 and Warro-6 following the completion of the AWE/Origin 3 well program.

December 2014 – Letter of Intent signed with Empire Oil & Gas

A letter of Intent was signed with Empire Oil & Gas (ASX:EGO) for the drilling of up to three wells. One of these is planned to be within Permit 389, which hosts Empire’s Red Gully Gas and Condensate Project. The locations of the two remaining wells is to be determined.

Enerdrill Newsletter November 2014

Rig 1 comes to life! Rig 1 has left Enerdrill’s Head Office and made it’s wat to Dongara. This rig has a year’s worth of plug and abandon work with a possible contract for a further 3 years.
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November 2014 - Two well campaign for Central Petroleum and Total completed

Whiteley-1 and Gaudi-1 unconventional gas exploration wells operated by Central (via subsidiary Merlin Energy Pty Ltd in partnership with international energy company Total) were completed by Enerdrill Rig 2.

Whiteley -1 located in the Southern Georgina Basin spudded 20 July 2014. The well was suspended at 1141mRT .Gaudi-1 well spudded 14 September 2014 and drilled to total depth of 2,430m.